L.A. Skincare Starter kit


LA Skincare 6 step starter kit

Our skin changes all the times for many reasons such as lifestyle choices, hormones, stress levels and environment. One month we could suffer with sensitive skin, then change to oily, for example. We don’t want to be venturing out to buy more products. That’s why LA Skincare is unique, whatever is happening with your skin, you still use the same products, you just adapt the way you use them. We have a tool kit of 6 products and we can just adapt which products we need to use and vary the amount we use them.

LA Skincare works on the deeper layers of your skin, it is not just a cosmetic range, it can help change your skin from the inside. It is all about exfoliation, which I believe is the key to most skin problems. If you do not have the right canvas any moisturising products used will not soak in. A little like butter on cold toast, it’s never soaking in. That is a bit like your skin, without removing the excess dead skin, moisturisers are not able to soak in properly; therefore they are not having the maximum benefit.

The ethos behind the range is ‘simple yet effective’. I wanted a range that allows you to tailor it for your specific skin requirements. My goal is for each of us to achieve fLAwless skin.

Step 1 15ml Squeaky Clean
Step 2 10ml Sweetie Sugar
Step 3 10ml Chocolate Delight
Step 4 15ml Plump me Up
Step 5 15ml Soft as Silk
Step 6 10ml Whipped Cream


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